Steve Breese

A Chicago-based Full-stack JavaScript Developer

M.E.A.N. Full Stack Development

I have developed several web applications using the MEAN stack.

Bottleneck City

The Bottleneck City is a prime example of a true full stack MEAN website. The site includes a fully functional login and account system, Google Maps integration, Bootstrap responsive design, and, of course, the lightning fast Mongo database.

Marriott eBreaks Single Page Application

This Marriott eBreaks Single Page App is the epitome of how to develop a fully functional front end with Angular JavaScript framework.

Marriott Traveler Type

I integrated the Angular framework within the Marriott Traveler Type web app in order to implement the sticky navigation.

My personal website is powered by Node, Express, MongoDB & Mongoose and utilizes custom media queries to achieve responsive design goals.

The Supporting Cast

M.E.A.N. sites typically implement a wide array of open source technologies and my M.E.A.N. apps are no different.
  • Gulp build system
  • Bower package manager
  • Foundation responsive front-end framework
  • Bootstrap mobile-first front-end framework
  • Passport authentication middleware
  • nodemon automatically restart
  • Mongoose object document mapper
  • Heroku cloud platform as a service
  • Git distributed version control system
  • Jade & EJS templating engines