Steve Breese

A Chicago-based Full-stack JavaScript Developer

M.E.A.N. Full Stack Development

I have developed several web applications using the MEAN stack.

Marriott eBreaks Single Page Application

This Marriott eBreaks Single Page App is the epitome of how to develop a fully functional front end with Angular JavaScript framework.

Marriott Traveler Type

I integrated the Angular framework within the Marriott Traveler Type web app in order to implement the sticky navigation.

My personal website is powered by Node, Express, MongoDB & Mongoose and utilizes custom media queries to achieve responsive design goals.

The Supporting Cast

MEAN apps typically implement a wide array of open source technologies.  My MEAN apps are no different.
  • Gulp build system
  • Bower package manager
  • Foundation responsive front-end framework
  • Bootstrap mobile-first front-end framework
  • Passport authentication middleware
  • nodemon automatically restart
  • Mongoose object document mapper
  • Heroku cloud platform as a service
  • Git distributed version control system
  • Jade & EJS templating engines